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Nadine had a very gentle approach to helping our baby sleep. She is quite exceptional in the way that she really listens to what you as a parent want for your children and what approach you want to take to sleeping and settling. I have worked with other sleep coaches and they have not been as considerate of what particularly the mother feels comfortable with. Nadine’s approach meant we could adopt a settling strategy that we were comfortable with and kept our baby calm and happy. We are all now sleeping much better. My baby now goes down happily at night and many nights she sleeps through even though she is still breast fed and only 9 months old. Nadine also helped us adjust my baby’s nap schedule so she could have better naps in the day which also helped her sleep better at night. Nadine is very reassuring and so capable of guiding you through the process of getting your little one to sleep better, whatever approach you may take. I would happily use Nadine again for sleep issues in the future. If you choose to have her stay over in your home you couldn’t hope for a lovelier person to be around.  -Kate

Image by Michal Bar Haim
Baby Sleeping

We first met Nadine 4 years ago when she looked after our 2 year old daughter as part of Meribel Nanny Services. Nadine made sure our daughter was having just as much fun in the resort as we were skiing and has joined us on several holidays since, both in ski resorts and on beach holidays. We were delighted when Nadine agreed to become our full time live-in nanny in 2020 and she looks after our now 6 year old daughter and our 4 and 1 year old sons. Nadine does the school run, helps with homework, prepares their meals (getting them involved in the cooking) and  makes sure the 1 year old has as much stimulation and fun as possible in a Pandemic! - Lily

I wanted to thank you so so so much for your plan, assistance and support! It has literally been life changing for me as i am getting far more sleep than I was, looking back I can't believe In was waking up every hour and a half. It seems crazy​ now and this is far better for her, me and us as a family! I am going back to work the middle of next month and feel this has set us up for success with that too as I was a little apprehensive that she wouldn't be sleeping well when I went back to work. I know that things can chnage with her sleep at any point but feel that we now have the tools and foundations to work through them.

It may have been a combination of small changes, as I'm aware it was nothing too radical, but having you ut a plan in place honestky gave us the confidence to stick at something and understand the reasoning behind what we were doing.

So thank you thank you thank you for sprinkling your sleep magic over us! -Kate

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